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Lithium polymer battery had been developed for over 10 years since 1992 Sony company put it into commercial. Lithium polymer battery largely replaced the previous nickel-metal hydride batteries. It's using in more and more digital products in our lives. Digital products on the individual requirements of lithium polymer batteries stimulated the creation of China manufacturer inspiration. In addition to traditional digital products, new applications of lithium polymer battery is also continually expanding.

LiPo Battery LP401225 for asthma inhaler

LiPo Battery LP402024 3.7V 100mAh for Stimulus Generators

LiPo Battery LP382530 3.7V 260mAh for Smart Video Doorbell

LiPo Battery LP864880 for wireless mobile video solutions

Lithium Polymer Battery for Wireless Device

LiPo Battery LP603436 for Lab Automation

LiPo Battery LP723250 for Emergency Moblie

LiPo Battery LP703048 for Wireless Installation

LiPo Battery LP753448 for Fiber Optic Tester

LiPo Battery LP582426 for Geolocation Gadgets

LiPo Battery LP605790 for Hand Held Instrument Biometric Device

LiPoly Battery 100mAh 200mAh for Portable PIC Programmer

LiPoly Battery LP322431 for Nike Sport Watch

Lithium Polymer Battery for Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

LiPoBattery LP201818 for Linx Impact Assessment System and Blast Gauge System

LiPo Battery LP302225 for Wireless Installation AHRS

LiPo Battery LP902360 1100mAh for Digital Wi-fi Microscopes

LiPo Batteries LP3059135 11.1V 2400mAh for Electrocardiograph

LiPo Batteries LP558788 7.4V 5000mAh for RF analyser

LiPo Battery LP451220 3.7V 70mAh for Active 3D Shutter Glasses

LiPo Battery LP552535 3.7V 430mAh for oxygen monitor

LiPo batteries LP802730 3.7V 600mAh for Polysomnography(PSG) system

LiPo batteries LP603040 3.7V 680mAh for Sleep Apnea Screening

LiPo Batteries LP552535 3.7V 430mAh Long Term Blood Pressure Measurement

Li-Polymer Battery LP451745 3.7V 250mAh for smallest long-term EEG recorder

LiPo Battery LP803434 3.7V 880mAh for technical data screen

LiPo Battery LP603048 3.7V 900mAh for Vehicle Gauging

Li-Polymer Battery LP502035 3.7V 350mAh for watch recorder

Lithium polymer battery in agriculture
Animal food device, fertilization, fertilizer, fish feeding device, irrigation

Lithium polymer battery in automotive equipment
Car alarm, car stereo, eCall solution, oil injection, vehicle tracking, car key, car lighting, key lights, removeable flashlight...

Lithium polymer battery in communication
Bluetooth headset, cellular phones, cordless phones, handy terminal, mobile phones, modems, pagers, personal digital assistants(PDA), personal mobile radias(PMR), satellite phones, smart phones, walkie-talkie...

Lithium polymer battery in consumer
Alarm system, aquarium food devices, bicycle computer, birdcage feeders, CD players, consumer device, digital cameras, electronic calculators, electronic database, electronic games, home security station, intelligent toys, laser pointers, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, music greeting cards, digital photo albums, portable DVDs, remote control, scent dispensers, shavers, solar application, watches, bike lights, flashlights, head lamps, mini flashlights(LED), rechargeable torchlights, scuba lights, solar lights, hearing aids...

Lithium polymer battery in industrial
Clock modules, dispensers, display feed units, fuel cells, jack lifter systems, lubrication, lubricator point of sales(POS), scanne (bar code readers), sensing timers, timer systems, vaccination emergency lights, protable lighting work lights, memory back-up(MBU), real time clock(RTC)...

Lithium polymer battery in medical
Automatic pipette, blood pressure devices, blood sugar indicators, body fat monitors, dosing system, insulin pump, thermometers, veterinary medicines...

Lithium polymer battery in metering
Analysis, data collectors, electricity meters, energy harvesting backup, gas meters, GPS terminal, heat cost allocators, heat meters, measurement portable sensors, road-toll transponders, sensors, sensor networks, smoke detetors, water meters...

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Lithium ion battery for iPad


Up to 10 hours of iPad battery life. To maximize iPad battery life, Apple engineers took the same lithium polymer battery technology they developed for Mac notebook computers and applied it to the iPad.

As a result, you can use iPad for up to 10 hours while surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching muvies, or listening to music. While surfing the web on a 3G data network, you can get up to 9 hours of battery life.

Lithium polymer battery for iPhone


  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Charging via USB to computer system or power adpter
  • Talk time:
    Up to 7 hours on iPhone 3G
    Up to 14 hours on iPhone 2G
  • Standby time: Up to 300 hours
  • Internet use:
    Up to 6 hours on 3G
    Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Video playback: Up to 10 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours

Lithium polymer battery for Bluetooth headset


Some slender lithium polymer batteries made by LiPol battery were used for bluetooth which is part of cell phone, MP3, MP4 and other media devices.

  • Fast-charging, long-lasting lithium polymer battery
  • Voice prompts alert lithium polymer battery and mute status
  • Powerful lithium polymer battery provide up to 6 hours continuous talk time

Lithium polymer battery packs for RC Helicopter

rc lipo batteryrc lipo battery

Lithium Polymer battery is currently considered the best electric power source available for use in electric RC helicopter. The reason for this is that lithium battery packs are significantly much lighter than NiMH or NiCD battery packs, and it has higher capacity for the same dimension. Over the seven years they have worked their way into the hobby market, and in addition to being used in electric RC helicopter kits they are also common in RC boats, cars, and airplanes. Their lower weight and higher capacity make them good ideal for long flight times, while also providing more power.

Lithium polymer battery packs LP7045175 4S1P, 14.8V, 5000mAh

Lithium polymer battery for GPS


To improve GPS battery life, LiPol battery Co., Ltd. made some lithium polymer batteries to replacement Lithium ion batteries. A thinner and lighter battery with more than 2000mAh is easy to build in GPS and hold on a longer time. You never care about it more offten and help you to go where do you want even strange palce and many days.

GPS battery LP603043
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: min:900mAh type:920mAh
Leads: red+ & black-, length:50mm
Connector: Molex PS51021-002

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Lithium polymer battery for Electronic Cash Register

electroniclipo batteryLiPol Battery develop a new LiFePO4 battery 12V@2500mAh for A new generation of electronic cash register powered by a powerful ARM 7 CPU it provides customers with ethernet connectivity, GPS commnucation, web based applications, SD card connectivity and many other new features.

Lithium polymer battery for protable electronic cash register

cash register lipo battery

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd make a small lipo battery pack 7.4V@2000mAh 2S1P 2 cells in series for a portable electronic cash register which is popular in Europe. It have up to 30 operators names & different passwords. The modes have PEG registration, X report, Zreport, Test and communicate with PC.

Lithium Polymer Battery for POS (Point Of Sale)

pospos battery

A new lipo battery 7.4V@2000mAh was used for a new type of payment terminal - POS (Point Of Sale) made in Europe.
There are 29 key numbers and alpha numeric operator display LCD on POS. Thermal printer MLT-289, up to 12 lines/sec, 42 characters per line. Power consumption is Stand-by mode is 0.015A, GPRS communication mode is 0.6A, Printing mode is 0.6A. A USB port for PC connection to transfer information.

Lithium Polymer Battery for PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)


  • LiPo Battery 3.7V@2500mAh built in
  • Mini USB Host Interface
  • Support PDA devices with USB, - Palm & Pocket PC
  • Integrated “Intermec EV15” barcode scan engine
  • Variety of one and two-dimensional barcodes decoding
  • Two Bi-color LEDs, One Green LED (only for GSM connection)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided
  • Internet connection through Q2406 WAVECOM GSM/GPRS module (option)
  • Touch Panel, Screen Resolution - 256 x 192 points.





Lithium Polymer Battery for Barcode Terminals Barcode Reader

imageA new generation for portable data terminals for fast and accurate data mangement. The size of a modern mobile phone and it have all the options and capabilities you might expect from a data terminal. LiPo battery 3.7V@1000mAh built in it and hold for a long operating time.

• Easy to use, pocket-sized handheld terminal
• Up to 2MB S-RAM on board
• High battery capacity and long life
• Rechargeable lipo battery for backup
• Good for 24 hrs. operation after a full charge
• RS-232 or IrDA communications port
• STN 96 x 49 dot graphic type LCD display
• Programmable firmware
• Integrated Symbol SE-900 mini laser engine
• Low power warning
• Easy to use built-in program generator
• Easy user defined Windows based task generator for a variety of applications



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