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lithium polymer battery

Lithium Polymer Battery for Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

More and more people have event data recorder with lithium polymer battery in their vehicle.

It is able to record the video images and sounds in the whole process of car driving, which may provide evidence for the traffic accident. People who like traveling by car can use it to record the process of conquering difficulties. With our Lithium Polymer Battery built in it for longer working time, it can save some basic data, such as time and date. LiPo Battery has a long life, so your event data recorder can run a long time.

Heat resisting features of the Lithium Polymer Battery makes your vehicle traveling event data recorder be more safe to use. And because of Lithium Polymer Battery’s high capacity and small size, the event data recorder will be small and easy to carry. It is possible for you to use it as camera and vidicon for entertainment in your house.

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