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lipo battery performace standarads

LiPo Battery Performance Standards

Before proceeding the lipo battery tests, the cells should be discharged at 0,5C to 3,0V cut-off. Unless otherwise stated, tests should be done within one month of delivery under the following conditions:

Ambient Temperature: 23°C±2°C
Relative Humidity: 65±20%RH

Standard Charge/Discharge Conditions

The lipo battery will be charged to 4,2V with 0,5C from constant current to constant voltage, when the current is 0,5C, stop to load.

LiPo Battery Cycle Life Test Standard

Charging with 0,2C to 4,2V and then discharging with 0,2C to 3,0V. 80% or more capacity of 1st cycle capacity at 0,2C discharge of operation.

Short Circuit Test Standard
without fire and explosion

After a 0,2C standard charge, the lipo battery located in fume hood is to be short-circuited by connecting the positive and negative terminals with and an external load of less than 100mΩ till the battery case temperature has returned to near ambient temperature.

Abnormal Charging Test Standard
without fire and no explosion

After a discharge 1C to 3,0V cut-off, constant charge current 1C to 4,8V, then charge on 4,8V no less than 7hrs.

Thermal Shock Test Standard
without fire and explosion

After a standard charge, the battery is placed in an oven and is heated up at a rate of 5°C/min until the temperature reaches 130°C. The
furnace shall be maintained at 130°C for 10 minutes.

Vibration Test Standard
without fire and explosion

After a standard charge, fixed the cell to vibration table and subjected to vibration cycling that the frequency is to be varied at the rate of 1Hz per minute between 10Hz~ 55Hz, the excursion of the vibration is 1.6mm.The cell shall be vibrated for 30 minutes per axis of XYZ axes.

Free Drop Test Standard
without fire and explosion, Residual capacity ≥ 95%

After a standard charge, the battery is dropping to the wood board with a thickness of 18mm to 20mm on the cement ground; the height shall be 1m measured from the lowest point of the battery to the wood board surface. Drop the cell from X, Y, Z direction (including face side and reverse side direction each) each time, then measured the
capacity at discharge current 0,5C and a cut-off voltage of 3,0V, and then cycled times to measure the maximal discharge capacity.

Storage Standard and others

Ambient Temperature: 23°C±5°C
Relative Humidity: 65±20%
* Please activate the lipo battery once every three months according to the following method:
Charge at 0,2C to 4,2V, rest 5 min, then discharge with 0,2C to 3,0V/cell, rest 5 min, then charge at 0.2C to 3.9V.

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