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lithium polymer battery safety

How to Store Lithium Polymer Battery Safely

• You should keep lithium polymer battery in temperature -20° C to 35°C with low humidity and no corrosive gas to keep the lower shelf discharge rate. The too higher temperature is not safe. The too lower temperature is not better for holding in functional capacity.

• The lithium polymer battery should not be put under high temperature or high humidity to avoid a leak, rust or lower capacity. So that you may can't used any more.

• The capacity of lithium polymer battery goes lower without using for a long time. You should do charge/discharge 1~3 cycles to keep the best capacity. The charge rate is 0.2C~0.5C and the discharge rate is 0.5C~1.0C.

• The lithium polymer battery should be charged once three months. The shelf-discahrge may case to the lower voltage or 0V even the protection circuit built-in.



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