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18650 Lithium Battery Series - High Quality with China Factory Price

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It's a cylindrical recharable 18650 lithium battery. We assemble them in series or parallels for your different needs. The fast mini scanner were made for changing the way of your life. Everything can be scaned if you want to save & sending.

LiPol Battery is kown the battery industrial over for quality, saftey, price and lead time. Our 18650 lithium battery show real rated capacity at the price every company can accept. The protection circuit can be built-in for safety control include over-charging, over-discharge, short-circuit and temperature control. The additional connector made by JST, Molex & Hirose is also available with custom length of wires.

You can find the our other finished 18650 configuration.


part number
voltage (v)
capacity (mAh)
size (mm)
LP18650D 3.7 2200 18*65
LP18650C 3.7 2600 18*65
LP18650B 3.7 2800 18*65
LP18650A 3.7 3200 18*65
LP18650D 2P 3.7 4400 18*36*65
LP18650C 2P 3.7 5200 18*36*65
LP18650B 2P 3.7 5600 18*36*65
LP18650A 2P 3.7 6400 18*36*65
LP18650D 3P 3.7 6600 18*54*65
LP18650C 3P 3.7 7800 18*54*65
LP18650B 3P 3.7 8400 18*54*65
LP18650A 3P 3.7 9600 18*54*65
LP18650D 2S 7.4 2200 18*36*65
LP18650C 2S 7.4 2600 18*36*65
LP18650B 2S 7.4 2800 18*36*65
LP18650A 2S 7.4 3200 18*36*65
LP18650D 3S 11.1 2200 18*54*65
LP18650C 3S 11.1 2600 18*54*65
LP18650B 3S 11.1 2800 18*54*65
LP18650A 3S 11.1 3200 18*54*65

* PCM is available for all these packs. We design different PCMs for them even series packs or parallel packs. NTC, Thermistor, Temperature controls can also be built-in. JST & Molex connector can be added with custom length of wires 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG.

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18650 Lithium Battery for the world’s fastest mini-scanner

1. Lightweight shape - comfortable handhold & portable

The world’s fastest mini-scanner is lightweight & portable and a very easy handhold with a one-simple button. It has the suitable way with diameter 1,26inches and 5,3inches. Hence you can take it in your pocket. Other components are also very lightweight, especially the built-in 18650 lithium battery is only 56g with dimensions diameter 18mm and length 65mm. The Cylindrical lithium Battery optimizes the internal space of mini-scanner perfectly and makes it more portable.

2. Real-time & the fastest transmission function - efficient & wireless

The world’s fastest mini-scanner allow you to scan anything by connecting your cloud straightly & messages & e-mail for transferring the files, drawing, images. And the total transfer process will take the time no more than 3s, and is wireless. What's more, the built-in Cylindrical 18650 lithium battery can work for the world’s fastest mini-scanner continuously for 12hours. It means that transfer at least 1000times but only charge Our Cylindrical Lithium Battery once.

3. High-quality 18650 Lithium Battery - safe & durable & density energy

The Cylindrical 18650 lithium Battery manufacturer by us have outstanding performance: High energy density, Accurate dimensions, Superior safety and Huge selection. Our R&D team designed a Cylindrical rechargeable battery, which has different capacity for meeting clients request but also keeps same dimensions: diameter 18mm and length 65mm.

Our excellent service for our customers from high-tech fields. When our lithium battery can be designed into their developing products and then sell online, we are as excited as our customer.

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